Testoviron (testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate)

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Testoviron is popular drug that is a blend of two testosterone esters – enanthate and propionate. The propionate ester is a short-lived ester and the enanthate ester lasts longer. This makes Testoviron a well rounded injectible that gives the user a strong muscle gains over an extended period of time.

Testoviron is used medically to treat people with muscle wasting diseases. It helps the body increase protein synthesis, burn fat into energy and increases appetite. Testoviron also increases red blood cell count and eases the pain from heavy workouts

For the best results from Testoviron, users should take 250 to 500 mgs/week and accompany the cycle with increased protein in the diet as well as regular, heavy workouts.

Side effects of Testoviron are normal to testosterone use and usually only occur when taken over long periods of time. High blood pressure is the most severe side effect of Testoviron, one that can have serious consequences if left untreated such as heart failure. Testoviron will also shut down the body’s natural production of testosterone. Other side effects include acne, balding and possible gynocomastia.

Testoviron is not used for research. However, its two estered testosterone compounds have. Enanthate has been researched for many uses. Its primary use is to stimulate the ovaries and help with pregnancy, but it is also being looked at for treatment of muscle-wasting diseases and even as a treatment for urinary tract infections. Testosterone propionate is a drug that is still used in research because of its unique property of not aromatizing. Scientists use propionate to inject in animals and study the relations of various brain and reproductive functions in hopes to find cures to diseases and better understand the way hormones affect various body functions.



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